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At present, our group collaborates with a large number of entities both nationally and internationally. At the national level the entities with which we collaborate have an inclination towards research and towards the application of research results in enterprise environments.

National Research Networks

  • Red TeDIS: This network is a thematic network technologies for industrial software development (TIN 2011-15009-E)
  • Red MDE: Engineering driven models (TIN2005-25866-E; TIN2008-00889-E)
  • Red BiDi: Network digital libraries (TIN2000-1927-E; TIC2002-11532-E; TIC2005-25826-E)
  • Red PRIS: Software Testing net (TIN2007-30391-E)
  • Red CaSA: Quality of the software applied. (TIN2010-12312-E)

International Research Networks

  • Red AST: International network on architectures of testing.
  • Red MDWEnet: MDWEnet is an initiative started with the aims of improving the interoperability between existing Model-Driven Web Engineering (MDWE) approaches and their tools for the development of Web systems, to widen their scope, and to provide better methods and solutions to the industry. The main research focus is on meta-modelling and on model transformations. MDWEnet is based on the strengths of current model-driven Web Engineering methods, and the existing experience and knowledge in this field.

Business Environment National Entities

  • Grupo INES iwt2_inesINES Group (Spanish Software and Services Initiative) is a work group promoted by a number of stakeholders in software quality. Its main activities are: - To Identify the needs and issues of interest in quality software for the Spanish ICT companies.
    • To Monitor progress on aspects of the standards define quality and help guide its implementation.
    • To Monitor trends and theoretical results and analyzing offering channels to its practical implementation.
    • To Advise other groups or stakeholders in software quality issues.
    • To promote progress in the early validation and monitoring for quality assurance testing. All following the new ISO / IEC 29119 standard.
  • ISO/IEC 29119 iwt2_aenor As an expert research group in software testing, we actively participate in the group of AENOR for the specification of ISO/IEC 29119standard. The purpose of ISO/IEC 29119 Software Testing is proportional definitive standard for software testing which define the vocabulary, processes, documentation, techniques and test a software model that can be used in any life cycle of software development. The code of this collaborative project is OTR2010-PC21 and is funded by University of Seville (Office of Transfer of Research Results).
  • Network Laboratories Andaluces Our Director, María José Escalona, participates in the advisory committee for the strategy of Andalusian laboratories SAS (Andalusian Health Service) since May 18, 2009.

Business Entities

A summary of the companies we have worked in recent years on different projects is shown.

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