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boton casos de exitoDiscover how the collaborations, made by IWT2, have helped companies from different sectors offering the best solution based on their needs.

Cases Studies of how we supported the design and development of new products and software solutions as well as establishing methodologies and services to get the best results in different fields of business.

Consulting 3.0 (Wellness Telecom)

logo sembThe Consulting 3.0 project proposes the research into artificial intelligence technologies and semantic technologies for the creation of a Web 3.0 environment accessible from mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.), for continued monitoring and efficiently bidirectional communication between health professionals and their patients.

Consulting 3.0 proposes with this system, a solution for risk stratification in the health system, applied to each subsidiary population of attention, categorizing the health status of these people in healthy or sick, and to further establish a type of interaction and communication between citizens and their corresponding responsible for health, and thus the prevention and monitoring of diseases.

Gestmed (Wellness Telecom)

gestmedAfter a strong period of research, the GESTMED project proposes technologies and sensors for the development of a platform for monitoring, control and purchase of vaccines and drugs within the premises of hospitals and health to improve patient safety, contribute to savings and avoid losses of such products.

The GESTMED project becomes a benchmark for technological advancement in hospitals, proposing an innovative solution for the effective management and monitoring of resources thereof.

Cronos (Wellness Telecom)

logo cronosWith the development of CRONOS project has been possible to define, develop and evaluate a comprehensive system of care delivery to pluripatológic chronic patients (EPOC and cardiovascular). This project proposes an end-to-end architecture, based on international standards and whose implementation allows the continuity of community care, making a personalized and constant vigilance, contributing to improving the health and quality of life, and consequently, to reducing healthcare costs.

SICATA (Fujitsu)

logoSiCATAThis project had as main objective research and innovation in the use of the most advanced software engineering paradigms oriented web development for effective business process framed in the biomedical context.

SOA-Adapt (Fundación FISEVI)

The objective of this project was to develop an innovative solution for the adaptation of eHealth platform of the Universitary Hospital “Virgen del Rocío” to an architecture based on processes. This solution allowed the development of modules to support different clinical services in eHealth platform in a more modular, independent, maintainable and usable form.

This project also included the development of management module patients with spinal cord injury. The investigated solution was used for this purpose

GEOLIA (Airbus)

GeoliaThe GEOLIA project is conceived as a multidisciplinary project to develop the concept of Interactive Digital Factory and thereby lay the foundations of new manufacturing technologies and installation of aeronautical products.

For that, the project GEOLIA has established 5 main activities that encompass the entire process, from defining and validating production processes in the electronic model to the 3D information is exploited in controlling plant during the stages of production and verification product.

EOLO (Airbus)

eoloThe EOLO Project is a solution based on IC (Information and Communication) technologies for the development of the factories of the future, within the scope PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). It is composed of five subprojects, which fall into three sets: Virtual Factory, Digital Factory y Smart Factory.

Virtual Factory subprojects are GARBI, MARIN and SIROCO in which it is intended to improve the functioning of the factory using augmented reality technologies, radiofrequency and laser projection elements.

Within Digital Factory you can find XALOC project, which extends the scope of the virtual model, covering maintenance and improvement phase.

Finally, MISTRAL is part of the concept of Smart Factory, which explores fields such as reverse engineering and Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE).

CALIPSONeo (Airbus)

calimexThe CALIPSOneo (Advanced Aeronautical Solutions using Plm Processes & Tools) project was an ambitious project developed by Airbus to define a set of methodological processes in order to the industrial engineer could define, simulate, optimize and validate aircraft assembly processes using software tools 3D that will simulate the implementation of the process in an assembly.

This project was divided into three modules: MARS (Automated shop-floor documentation updating System), PROTEUS (PROcess Structure Generation and Use) and ELARA (generalization to assembly oriented authoring Augmented Reality)

To achieve the above objective, a collaborative methodology based on the paradigm PLM (Product Life-Cycle Management) was developed.

SEMB (S-Dos)

logo sevilla en mi bolsilloSeville in my Pocket is an expert system based on web and mobile technologies. It provides to the citizens, visitors and tourists the best plan for holidays based on their preferences and conditions. This system will use latest ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for learning based on application’s use by users and the information provided by the top enterprises in tourism. The main advantage is the self-learning of the application using user’s experience.

Adapta (Wellness Telecom)

adaptaThe project was created with the aim of deepening the development of innovative technological solutions for building user interfaces and their integration in the application to different forms of interaction in the field of digital content, especially the possibility of customizing that. In addition, the project focuses on promoting the consumption of different types of contents, applicable to any sector of Media (advertising, television, radio, publishing, press, etc.), delivered in personalized, dynamic and non-intrusive way for users according to their consumption preferences.

The result has been a series of bundled services that will originate an important business increased for the consortium companies in the various markets where they currently are positioned: Interfaces and IT Information Extraction Context, Data Services Mining, Referral services of Digital Contents, Development of advanced technology products, audiovisual and telecommunications contents.

Valortia (Servinform)

valorTlaThe VALORITA project (Valuation and certification of ICT Acquired skills) is an interactive platform in Could Computing for the quantified measurement and certification of personal productivity of software professional developers.

To achieve this project, we had the intense and broad participation of IWT2 research group from University of Seville and experts in analysis of skills associated with productivity. From a financial point of view, the CDTI project decided to support it.

THOT (Agencia de Obra Pública de la Junta de Andalucía)

thotThe THOT project has developed innovative solutions for document management applied to records of procurement of services and transport infrastructure works of the Junta de Andalucía.

This project has been developed by the research group of Web Engineering and Testing Early, University of Seville (TIC021) in collaboration with Agencia de Obra Pública de la Junta de Andalucía in the context of the call Project Services R+D on the competence of Consejería de Obras Públicas y Vivienda for the years 2011-2015.

The main objective of THOT project has been investigating possible solutions for document management; they mainly are associated to mechanisms of administrative procedures in the public environment, and they develop a common global solution, consistent with the legal framework and reference models currently applied this environment at European, national and Andalusian level.


aquawsAQUA-WS (AQUA-WebServices) project stems from the need to unify all ancient EMASESA Enterprise’s systems into a single system, the core of AQUA also uses the same technology.

The new system is web-oriented and it has used Java J2EE for his development.

The main integrated systems were AQUA-SiC (management system customers, based on a local software platform), AQUA-ReD (management system based on web technology networks) and AQUA-Sigo (management system works and projects based web technologies).

The IWT2 Research Group participation consisted of management and direction, as technical office for project quality.

OGPC – Consejería de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

With the realization of this project, the IWT2 Group carries out the implementation of a Project Management Office which, joined with the Development Department of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, contributes to provide methodologies and standards for software projects developed in counseling. In addiction this project establishes rules and procedures to follow, carrying out consulting and implementation of management methods, evaluation techniques, functional and technical support.

The Group also provides technical coordination support for the launch of project implementation of software analysis and design applications within counseling.


This project consists on the implementation of a Software Quality Office by IWT2 Group for the technical supervision of the developed projects in the Andalusian Institute of Letters.

The main objective is to improve the existing methodological framework for developing software based on Metrics v3, supported by model driven engineering (MDE). All of this with the purpose of implementing this new working environment to allow automation of certain tasks and improvements in productivity developments of information systems within the Andalusian cultural field.


IWT2 Research Group participation was the direction of the Technical Quality Office of the project SIRhUS

SIRhUS project has as main goal the evolution of the human resources information of the Junta de Anadalucía. This project was performed over the Consejería de Hacienda y Administración Pública de la Junta de Andalucía scope.

OTC Archiv@

The main objective of developed work in this project by IWT2 Group was the management and direction of a quality technical office for the code quality’s audit and proposals for optimizing SQL statements Archiv @ product from implementing Oracle EXPLAIN PLAN.

4Green (Ayesa)

4greenThe 4Green project is a research project funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development. This project is, Co-financed by the FEDER (“Operational Programmed R+D for the benefit of businesses – Technology Fund) and supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness IDEA.

4Green is a research project funded by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnologico Industrial, belonging to the FEDER Founds (Operative Program of R+D for enterprises’ benefits – Tecnhological founds) and supported by the Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad and IDEA, inside the FEDER-INTERCONECTA call. This project is surrounded by the development of solutions to improve the energetic efficiency in mobile devices, focused in 4th generation of these devices. This project is involved inside the profiling and optimization tools inside software’s applications scope.

MH-Testing (Soltel)

The project objective is to design methods and tools to ensure the return on investment in testing. Ultimately, the aim is to industrialize testing activities that currently the company is already doing.

Strategically, this project allows Soltel to provide a service of higher quality and to assure the investment in testing to their customers, enabling the consolidation of a new business line.

Commercially, the project supposes an important step to increase sales in a service demanded by today Soltel customers but it has a major barrier to expansion. This has managed to overcome thanks to the industrialization of the process and effective use of indicators.

NDTQ-Framework (IWT2)

NDTQ-Framework project is a project of driving excellence by junta Andalucía, in which has been possible to investigate, define and develop methodological framework with the same name based on a basic metamodel definition of business process.

Thanks to this base knowledge has been possible to define six groups of processes so that software companies could apply processes under the umbrella of maturity models, standards ISO, project management guidelines and NDT methods.

Currently this framework is registered at the University of Seville and is taken as a reference in the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía for management and development software project in counseling, as wndt-suiteell as the own research group.

NDT-Suite (IWT2)

NDT-Suite is a set of tools to implement the NDT methodology in enterprise environments.

The only way this methodology can be a business reality, is to offer tools that support the development, but also is essential for the proper validation of our research.

For this reason, our work is aimed at developing a set of tools; all they distributed under the name of NDT-Suite.


logo semb APN configuration is extremely complicated in the Multi-IMSI cards. The idyllic situation is that the same APN was used for each network that provides IMSI. However, in reality this is very costly and time-consuming implementation because the network needs to establish a portion of its IMSI range for a single APN and then update the DNS globally. As a result, users are forced to learn to change the APN settings depending on the network in use. This is fine until the coverage and the Multi-IMSI IMSI switch to another application without prompting the user is lost. In the project it aims to investigate on how to automatically update information via APN STK or via AT Commands or alternatively intercept connection requests to replace the APN if incorrect. This is not included in the standards. In addition, it is a problem that many organizations face. There is no solution today, so finding an answer is a big technical and research challenge.


logo sembSoftware ecosystem for early testing automation in the agile software developing through Model-Driven Testing and under the umbrella of the standard ISO/IEC 29119.