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The two versions available in this section of NDT-Suite work on the Enterprise Architect tool. For this reason, you must install this tool before installing the NDT suite.

boton NDT Suite

NDT-Suite 3.0 brings together the latest applications that are designed to support the NDT methods. It also has sample material to learn about the NDT methodology and support tools. NDT-Suite is integrated as a Enterprise Architect tool plug-in.

DOWNLOAD NDT-SUITE 3.0 (08/05/2017)

NDT-Suite 2.3* is the previous version of the 3.0 one. In this time, it is preseted as a set of external tools that interact with Enterprise Architect to support the NDT methodology.

*Important note: NDT-Suite works correctly with the 7 version of Java because it has been compiled with the JDK 7 de Java 32 bits version.