InicioEventsCalipsoInternational Workshop on PLM – Product Lifecycle Management Solutions under a Software Paradigm (2013)

International Workshop on PLM – Product Lifecycle Management Solutions under a Software Paradigm (2013)

Date of the event: from 11/04/2013 to 17/12/2013.

In industrial environments, Management Product Lifecycle (PLM) is a management process complete lifecycle of the product: from its conception to its design and construction, to service and disposal. The concept of PLM consists of people, data, business processes and information systems and provides a backbone products for business. To facilitate the implementation of this management within organizations, exist PLM software systems that facilitate the implementation and management of engineering processes whose increasing complexity is palpable everyday. One of the PLM application contexts is within the aviation industry where the proper handling of the product life cycle is essential to ensure the quality of the results. Moreover, in such systems, software solutions suitable to support, develop and maintain the PLM are crucial to a successful outcome.

In this context, FIDETIA collaborates with EADS-CASA in the Project CalipsoNeo. This project is based on the correct definition and implementation of PLM solutions that are compatible with the proper software.

Furthermore, in the context of this project we have conducted several international events related to PLM and its application.

This workshop is part of the CalipsoNeo project aims to provide a forum for discussion regarding current solutions in this context and the way management software is essential for successful results. Although PLM is typically applied in the context of aeronautical engineering and automotive, which is not well known in computer engineering solution environments. This workshop aims to provide an overview of how the introduction of Information Technology (IT) can find an appropriate solution in this context. During the workshop, two of the most relevant international companies in the solutions of PLM of Siemens Software Industry and DassaultSystèmes will present their products. In addition, T-Systems, a consulting firm PLM relevant, will offer its expertise in the use of these products in the aeronautical and automotive projects.

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The workshop will be held over two days at the following times . Both the April 12 and April 26 , a free guidebook is organized for interested attendees . The tour guide will be in English and allows the assistant to visit our old university building (“Tobacco Factory”) .

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