The research group IWT2 offers you a large training offer covering different areas of specialization within Software Engineering. This teaching is structured in different modes of teaching, in order to that you can select the training that best meets your necessities and personal circumstances. We offer presential, semipresential and non-presential training.

In addition, we impart University Expert Courses, Continuous Training Courses and we can develop specific training programs oriented to institutional organizations.

IWT2 actively participates and collaborates with FIDETIA and Lifelong Learning Centre of the University of Seville.

If you need more information, you can contact us via e-mail: formacion@iwt2.org

Course Catalog

Job Profile: All
Registration: 12/01/2014 – 12/20/2014
Celebration: 01/04/2015 to 31/01/2015
Price: 105 euros (including taxes)
The application and registration is done through the Lifelong Learning Centre of the University of Seville.

Job Profile: All
JUnit workshop so you can train and improve your skills by writing good tests.

More information: Sacándole Partido a JUnit

Job Profile: Analysts and Developers
Approximate hours: 60 h.
TDD is a design technique based on the writing test cases before writing the code for the application code. This course is to learn to use this paradigm in practice.

More information: TDD / Test Driven Development from Scratch (First Edition)

The aim of this course is to introduce the Design Thinking methodology, designed to come up with innovative solutions tailored to needs of people in any field. We will provide full information on the methodology and main techniques developed in each of its phases. Attendees will secure knowledge thanks to the balance between theoretical and practical content.

  • Registration: Until 09.12.2015 via inscripciones@fidetia.es
  • Price (euro): 250.00 (until November 30th) and 280.00 (from December 1st)
  • Director: PhD. María José Escalona Cuaresma
  • Place: ETS Ingeniería Informatica, Avd Reina Mercedes s/n, sevilla

FIWARE is the initiative Future Internet Public‐Private Partnership sponsored by the European Economic Community, which are attached more than fifteen countries, with an initial funding for the project of more than 100M€. The aim is to create a robust infrastructure, focused on developers, content managers and private and institutional public.

The theoretical and practical content of the course will be held on the platform:
– i) Introduction to FIWARE, concepts and architecture
– ii) Platform FILAB
– iii) Orion Context‐Broker
– iv) OAuth2
– v) Wirecloud
– vi) OpenData with Ckan

Limited places

(The training is conditional on a minimum enrollment)
Requirements to attend the course: Laptop with 2GB RAM or higher
(Admission criteria: order of registration; preferential for students and old students of the ETSII)
It will be extended a diploma.

Registration and enrollment
– By email a: inscripciones@fidetia.es
– By telephone to: D. Ramón Sarmiento: +34 95 455 6823

Registration: 16/11 al 20/11/2015
Celebration: 24/11 al 02/12/2015
Price: 300,00€
Schedule: de 16:30h a 20:30h (24h lectivas)

University Expert Course

Modality: Blended
No. ID: ID1213244
Course information and registration formacion@iwt2.org)

Accede a información ampliada sobre este curso en nuestra ficha Curso de Experto en Ingeniería de Pruebas. Aceptación y Organización