Fiware is an open initiative with the goal of creating a sustainable ecosystem to seize the opportunities that will arise with the new wave of digitalization caused by the integration of the latest Internet technologies (1).
Some of the most promising applications are cloud computing and the development of smarts cities. Fiware is a platform with the slogan “Open APIs, Open Minds”, where the use of Cloud Computing (Figure 1) is used.
There are all kinds of services in deployment such as networking, deployment of web applications, data hosting services and many others. All these services, in most cases, are not free and the user pays for the services they use or their cloud consumption. Fiware is now a fully open approach that promotes the new concept of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) in order to promote the era of digitization and the development of large fields of business involved.

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Figure 1: FIWARE Presentation.

Figure 2 shows the main areas in which centering Fiware and development focuses APIs.

campos fiware

Figure 2: FIWARE applications.


Fiware is based on the following ideas:


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It offers a rich set of APIs (Application Interfaces) that help us develop applications in various sectors, giving our app a sense of intelligence and innovation. The APIs are free to use and are implemented as open to serve as momentum among companies using this platform at almost no cost.

These APIs are known as Generic Enablers (GE), based on different technologies that enable the development of applications in different perspectives. They are always defined in a free and open architecture distribution and can develop alternatives that are based on Fiware.


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Fiware Lab is an environment in which you can test all Fiware based technologies. It is an environment for testing only and not commercializing. It enables the user to create virtual machines in the cloud and use different GE developed by Fiware. Using data from public organizations already posted on this platform as well as any open sensors located throughout Europe is also permitted.

In Fiware-Lab you can create virtual machines with images already predefined in the FIWARE system (free distribution), in which we can create any type of test system. It is thanks to this system, that we can offer tests and templates already predefined by APIs to install in a simple way in our virtual machine Fiware-Lab.

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Fiware Ops is a collection of tools that facilitate the deployment, configuration and operation of Fiware requests by platform providers. It is designed to help expand Fiware associated with a particular instance through the federation of additional nodes (data centers) over time and allows the cooperation of several providers of platform infrastructure. Operations Fiware is the tool used to build, operate and expand Fiware Lab.


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Accelerate Fiware aims to promote the assimilation of technologies among Fiware solution integrators and application developers, paying special attention to SMEs and start-ups. Linked to this program, the European Union launched an ambitious campaign in 2014 with more than 80 million euros to support SMEs in developing innovative applications based on Fiware.


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Fiware Mundus is a program created to extend the Fiware technology beyond Europe including Latin America, Africa and Asia.