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If you’re willing to do your job, your professional project; if you bet for your continuous training, for the development of your abilities; if you want to join a team of high performance, IWT2 is the place where you can carry out these tasks. A job opportunity with great career development is waiting.


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What are we looking for?

In IWT2 we are looking for people with different profiles: engineering students / final year degree, technicians, engineers, diploma or degree. If you are a motivated, committed person, and willing to work together, IWT2 offers career opportunities.

Scholarship Program

IWT2 has a scholarship program through the FIDETIA foundation for passing students about to graduate.

We associate a guardian to all members of this program. This tutor assigns functions, monitors student performance and ensures the acquisition of knowledge and skills development. All fellows are integrated into teams with full responsibility, with all necessary means to facilitate the practical application of the acquired theoretical knowledge. Our scholarship program is the best way to enter the working world.