22nd International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2013), Sevilla, Spain, September 2-4, 2013

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Keynote speeches

«Public Administration and University: a needed symbiosis» by Mr. José Antonio Cobeña Fernández

Abstract: Public Administration aims citizen service and digital policy development. ICTs are essential to provide this service. The Regional Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of Andalusia has among its tasks the digital policy management. This management is carried out by the Directorate General for Digital Policies. This lecture will be presented by Dr. Jose Antonio Cobeña (Head of the Regional Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of Andalusia) and will focus on the vision that the Andalusian Public Administration has about digital policies. In addition, Dr. Cobeña will analyze advantages and needs of establishing an accurate and effective communication with university community. Finally, he will present the position of Andalusia in the environments and will analyze both the path followed as planned future investments for improving the digital policies of Andalusia. These digital policies are models in Spain and Europe.

Short biography: Mr. José Antonio Cobeña Fernández is Dr. in Psychology and Degree in Philosophy and Anthropology. He is Civil servant of the management body of the General Administration. Before heading the Directorate for Digital Policies, he was professor at University and has worked in executive positions within the Local Administration and within the Government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía). He has published two books on Digital Intelligence and Electronic Government, numerous articles in this area and has been a speaker at congresses, conferences and seminars. He also writes a blog specialized in digital intelligence: www.joseantoniocobena.com.

His works more highlighting are been:

  • Director of the Health Area in the Provincial Delegation of Huelva
  • Provincial Manager of the Andalusian Institute about Mental Health in Huelva
  • General Secretary of the Andalusian Health Service
  • Director of the Strategic Line of Systems and Information Technology for the Andalusian Public Health System
  • Technologies and Communications Coordinator of the Regional Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of Andalusia
  • General Director of Technologies for Finance and eGovernment (June 2012). In this work, he has led during the last sixteen years, strategic projects in couples contacts: health, taxation, economic-financial and Electronic Government

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«Aeronautic and University in Andalucia: a successful marriage» by Mr. Fernando Mas Morate

Abstract: The Aeronautic industry in Andalucia has a deep tradition: since 1928, when CASA establish a factory in Cadiz to build and fly the Dornier-Wall, until today in 2013 with the first delivery of the Airbus A440M in Sevilla. Aeronautic is in our DNA and several generations of andalusian engineers, graduated in andalusian universities, has been part of the challenge. This lecture will revise shortly the aeronautic in Andalucia and will analyze the common needs between the University and the Aeronautic Industry and the future challenges. Finally it will present a current collaboration case as an example of success: CALIPSOneo project.

Short biography: Mr. Fernando Mas Morate is Industrial Engineer and EADS Senior Expert in Advanced Manufacturing Processes Methods & Tools and Information & Software Technologies. He is in charge of the PLM Processes & Tool Solutions Department of Airbus Military. He is associate professor at the University of Sevilla and owns patents in the EU and US. He is author or co-author of more than 20 research papers in international journals and congress and has been speaker at several conferences. As recent projects, he is involved on EADS RTG (Research and Technology Groups) and EADS TRANSPHER Project for PLM harmonization.

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22nd International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2013), Seville, Spain, September 2-4, 2013

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