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fachada escuelaThe research group of Web Engineering and Testing Early (IWT2) is a group that is recognized in the Andalusian Research Plan (PAIDI Group TIC021) is associated with FIDETIA Foundation (Foundation for Research and Development of Information Technology in Andalucía) and FIUS Foundation (Foundation for Research, University of Sevilla). In addition, as a commitment to quality, our group is certified in standards UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004, UNE ISO/IEC 27001:2014 y UNE 166002:2006.

For over 15 years the IWT2 group has participated or participates in various projects of the National Research Plan in numerous projects transfer of research results and I+D+i, within software engineering, as in the case of web engineering, software testing, project management and software quality assurance, among others. For this, the group has a large team composed of professors from the Department of Computer Languages and Systems of the University of Seville and engineers with extensive experience and expertise in research and different techniques that provide support in all strategic lines of the group.

Our lines of work could frame, but not limited to, within requirements engineering, software testing and quality assurance during the development of information systems (oriented or not to the Web), giving a special role to test engineering, developing techniques and protocols to improve the competitiveness of enterprises of any sphere of business based on the effective and efficient management of their business processes and in the definition, generation and transformation models under the paradigm of MDE (Model-Driven Engineering).

Here, in summary, it is shown the main lines of work of the group, many of them encouraged from doctoral theses, as well as our technology and training portfolio are indicated:

• Software methodologies and web and development of web and mobile applications.
• Frameworks for efficient work management and project management.
• Software Testing software and software quality assurance
• Automatic test generation and application of techniques of early testing.
• Implementation of the Model-Driven Engineering paradigm to the development of Web systems within any area of business as a mechanism for improving the competitiveness paradigm
• Definition of techniques to improve business process management and tools to ensure their applicability in real environments and production
• Application of metrics for systematic evaluation of models
• Exploitation of data by the use of techniques of Bussines Inteligent

• Implementation and commissioning OF:
– Project Management Office
– Quality Technical Office
– Software Factory
– Testing Factory
• Definition and development of mobile applications and complex web
• Development of applications in various environments (Cloud, Fiware, etc)
• Design Thinking, applied to the requirements specification and business management

• Development methodologies and project management
• Languages and development frameworks
• Management, specification and development of software testing
• PLM Systems (Product Livecicle Management)
• Game Development
• Design Thinking
• Etc.

Finally, indicate that the IWT2 group also has a large presence in congresses, magazines and forums of national and international discussion (group members are present in program committees of many of these forums). There are also numerous collaborations with other research groups and organizations both national and international.


Through its activities in FIDETIA, the group is certified in the following standards:

aenor27001 aenor166002_2006 aenor14001_2004 aenor9001_2008