Early Testing

early testingThe process of developing software systems involves a series of activities that contains a large probability of human error. These errors can present themselves initially in the beginning of the development process where targets may be specified incorrectly or imperfectly, as well as in subsequent steps of the process. Due to the inability of humans to work and to communicate seamlessly with each other during software development, a tool must be utilized that ensures quality software testing.

Software testing is a critical element for ensuring the quality of software. The significance of the costs produced by errors promotes a detailed and well-planned definition and implementation of a testing process.

Our group commits to providing test planning as early as possible in the development process. We call this “Early Testing”. Thus the objectives of our group are focused mainly on attempting to answer the following questions:

How early can be the planning of software testing?
To what level of detail can be reached with these schedules?
Is it possible from the requirements to generate efficient test plans?
What strategies are appropriate in the context of early testing?
Is it possible to automate 100% of software testing?
How to make an early testing of Web applications in context MDWE?
Currently, the group has succeeded in demonstrating that there are ways to automate the generation of test cases from requirements specifications. Furthermore, the group has achieved a semi-automatic way to obtain test cases from usage cases. In addition, we are also investigating how to produce early tests in Web application development. Specifically we focus on an important feature of these applications, navigation. Therefore, we are focusing on automated test generation from navigational models.