The working group in Computer Graphics consists of John Juan M. Cordero and Juan J. Perea. Its research is mainly focused on the field of simulation, applied especially to virtual reality, developing various techniques and tools.

In the area of ​​Fabric Simulation, the group has developed a physics engine specialized in fabric dynamics. Initially it was developed using the Finite Element Method, to evolve towards a model based on Conservative Potentials, treating the response to collisions and selfcollections from the dynamic point of view. In this way the motor allows the simulation of a great variety of materials with diverse mechanical properties.

In the area of ​​Fluid Simulation we are in an advanced phase of investigation, in which we have been able to characterize the main physical parameters typical of Fluid Mechanics. The research enters the field of Computational Physics but applied to Computer Graphics. As a result of this research, the group has also developed a motor specialized in particle dynamics, achieving stabilization of behavior in very varied simulation environments, especially in the treatment of the interaction of fluids with the contour and in situations of low density.

Both engines, resulting of two lines of work, have been designed to work in GPU environments, especially over CUDA. In this sense the group has made progress in the management of parallel access data structures.